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Jet Mills

Chemical - Pharmaceutical - Cosmetic


Designed to achieve particularly high fineness, this mill offers the possibility to obtain particle sizes even below 5 microns. The working principle does not contemplate the use of grinding bodies, since the reduction takes place exclusively by collision between the particles of product, fed in the grinding chamber through a Venturi injector. The particles are quickly accelerated by a stream of gas (compressed air, nitrogen, argon, or steam) injected by means of nozzles placed at the periphery. These are dragged in a vortical movement that causes them to collide repeatedly, progressively reducing the diameter and mass as long as the energy accumulated by the same drops to negligible values. Micronized particles are carried by the exhausted air into a suitable cyclone filter. At the inner of the cyclone-filter the air is dedusted through a set of filtering bags, in special fabric, and discharged to the outside, while the micronized product is retained on the outer surface of the same. The shaking of the filtering bags is carried out by means of a timed reverse jets of compressed air, which allows the removal of the micronized product that is collected in the bottom hopper of the cyclone-filter, allowing an optimal performance in terms of product recovery. Of simple construction, Micronette series mills are easy to be disassembled without the aid of mechanical tools, to facilitate the cleaning operations and of equally simple use, so that it doesn’t require the intervention of specialized personnel.


The stainless steel version with sanitary type finishes is particularly suitable for the treatment of pharmaceutical products. Furthermore, where necessary, the system can operate in a closed inert cycle (generally with N2) with almost total gas recovery. Integrated configurations within insulator are also available when it is necessary to process highly active products, in addition to systems specially designed for R&D, able to micronize very small batches of product. Of particular interest is the configuration of the cyclone filter fitted with a device for 90° rotation of the filter, which ensures an easy access to the inside of the device in order to facilitate the extraction of the sleeves and the subsequent clean-up of the cone, avoiding the use of ramps or elevators. For particularly active products, sleeves can be extracted through an accessory (supplied separately) consisting of a sight glass provided with gloves, to be installed on top of the filter, ensuring a lower exposure of the operator to dust.





Jet Mills - Series Micronette


Chemical - Pharmaceutical - Cosmetic


fineness: less than 5 μm

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