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Feeding units – Series DS

Feeding units – Series DS

Chemical - Pharmaceutical - Cosmetic - Food


The feeding units series “DS” are used in many sectors, such as food, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. Nuova Guseo’s dosing systems are designed and manufactured to satisfy particular needs also in case of poorly flowing and/or sticky products and are able to cover a wide range of flow rates, depending on the specific production requirements. This is due to the possibility to vary the number of revolutions of the screw trough a control system consisting of a geared motor controlled by a frequency converter.

sistemi di dosaggio

They typical configuration comprises a feed hopper installed on the underlying trough, equipped with safety grid and lid, by a dosing screw and a bridge breaker, suitably supported. They are usually assembled on a table support complete with wheels.

sistemi di dossaggio 2

In the sanitary version, the parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel AISI 316L, while the remaining parts are in stainless steel AISI 304.
Both screw and lump breaker can be easily disassembled and, in order to facilitate cleaning operations, feeder’s lower trough can be disconnected from the support by fast-locking clamp. Dust proof is guaranteed by silicone packing on the fixed parts and by “Gylon” lip seals (FDA approved) on the rotating ones (screw and lump breaker). For thorough cleaning it is possible to carry out, when required, an inspection to “Gylon” lip seals, having their seat easily detachable. Given the simplicity of the equipment and the low number of revolutions, the need of maintenance is minimal. For specific requirements were also developed models suitable for dosing operations in completely inert atmosphere.



Feeding units


Chemical - Pharmaceutical - Cosmetic - Food


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