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vertical mixers

Chemical - Pharmaceutical -Food - Mining


The vertical mixers are widely used for several applications in: chemical, pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, fodder and mining industries. The application of these mixers is similar to the one of the horizontal type, it is to mix both dry powders and powders with liquid additives.
They can be used also for following processes:


  • Vacuum drying
  • Homogenizing
  • Deaeration
  • Cooling
  • Heating



The mixing effect is obtained by means of a screw which rotates on its own axis, conveying product from bottom to the top, and simultaneously orbits along the inner conical vessel wall. Vertical mixer grants particular advantages:

  • Low power consumption.
  • Self-emptying with minimun product retention.
  • Possibilty to work with product volume lower than the maximum design capacity.
  • Easy installation on load cells.
  • Possibilty to operate under vacuum or pressure.
  • Addition of jackets for cooling, heating or insulating.
  • Very simple cleaning.

Similar to the series VP, the series VPS enables the best ratio of overall dimensions/loading volume thanks to their truncated-conical shaped body. The mixing movement differs in that the agitator is belt type with double spiral device realized by means of sectors fixed on the shaft itself.





vertical mixers


Chemical - Pharmaceutical -Food - Mining


All versions can be supplied having volume from 4 to 10.000 lt.

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