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Glove Box

Chemical - Pharmaceutical


If the isolation technology in recent years is playing a role of growing importance, this is mainly due to the well-established trend, especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical field, to treat substance and / or develop molecules with high activity and toxicity (API – HAPI). This in conjunction with the increased attention paid to the problem of security and protection: for the operator as well as for the product and its immediate environment.


NUOVA GUSEO designs and manufactures containment systems capable of combining the special attention paid to the needs of protection with the high ergonomic level for the operator. These concepts characterize our systems in the various areas of application, such as: loading and unloading of reactors and filters dryers, centrifugal discharge, containment of milling and micronizing processes, laboratory analytical activities, weighing and dispensing and much more.


NUOVA GUSEO’s isolators are equipped with high quality accessories, tailored to different needs: gloves of various sizes and thicknesses, also available in antistatic or conductive materials, spray balls and washing guns in PTFE or Stainless Steel, glove ports in various materials, shape and size, according to the ergonomic and process requirements.

strumenti isolatori



glove box


Chemical - Pharmaceutical


treat substance with high activity and toxicity (API - HAPI)

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